5’8 Point Guard - NAIA Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

Working with Hoop Brothers was a life changing experience! When we first signed up I was a little hesitant to get started but I’m extremely grateful that I did! My son had a terrible experience with his high school team and came off the bench his senior season. After the season the high school coach told me that my son wasn’t good enough to play college basketball and that he should give up. Since I didn’t have much experience with recruiting I believed him and I called Sam to tell him thanks for the help but that my son won’t be able to play college basketball. I called Sam after 9:00pm and was expecting to just leave a voicemail. He answered and was very upset that his coach would tell him that. He said, “That’s just one man’s opinion. I’m not okay with someone telling someone else what they are capable of.” After the call Sam convinced me that we still had a shot to get my son into college. He was able to generate interest from several schools which we eventually ended up going on visits to. When the process was complete my son had 2 full scholarship offers to play college basketball. I am truly blessed to have been able to take advantage of this opportunity and I can’t thank Hoop Brothers enough!


6’3 Power Forward - NCAA 3 Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

Hoop Brothers gave me my life back. From the time I could hold a basketball in my hands basketball has been my life. I trained and worked hard every day to be the best player I could be. But you never know what you have until you lose it. One bad landing in a practice right before the start of my senior season and I tore my ACL in my right knee. My playing career was over. I still showed up to every practice and every game to support my teammates but wasn’t able to compete in a single game. After the season I started working for Hoop Brothers to help film and create videos to help other players to get recruited. Over the next year while working at Hoop Brothers I was able to recover from my ACL and Sam helped me find an event that I could participate in as a post grad player. He helped produce a video for me and get my information to college coaches for free. He said it was an “employee discount" since I had helped out so much creating video for players. I was able to get recruited by a division 3 school in the North East and took advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately, I was unable to play hardly any of the season because a couple games in a tore my Meniscus in my left knee and had to sit out the remainder of the season. It was one of the most difficult times in my life because it seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t get back on the court. I was ready to quit but Sam didn’t give up on me and he kept working hard to find me another college to play at. Eventually we found another small school which turned out to be the perfect fit. I played 3 season and was team captain my senior year. The following year I went on to become an assistant coach for my college team. At college I met my future wife, completed my dream, and set myself up for a career as a college basketball coach. Today Sam is still helping me by not only providing me with great recruits to potentially bring to our school (we signed 2 Hoop Brothers recruits last season) but he also is always keeping an ear out for coaching opportunities at higher levels. I am truly blessed to have been so involved with Hoop Brothers in every step of the process and I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to live out my life doing what I love!


6’4 Small Forward - NCAA 2 Commit
Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

I’ve been heavily involved in my son’s recruiting since he was in 8th grade. We spent a lot of money throughout his career on training, getting him to the best camps, travel ball teams and recruiting services. Ultimately, working with Hoop Brothers was the tipping point in getting my son recruited for college. With the other services we used they just added my son to their database and let me do all the work. Hoop Brothers actually did the legwork for us and got my son’s name in front of college coaches. I especially liked working with Sam Tarell the CEO. He was very helpful and really made our needs a priority. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for more of a personal relationship than some of the other recruiting services.


6’2 Shooting Guard - Current User
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

Hoop Brothers really put the time into getting to know my son in detail before sending his information out to college coaches. I like that they didn't just send his information to any school and that they actually took the time to start conversations with coaches that they knew would have interest. My son hasn’t played much AAU basketball and hasn’t had the best high school experience so working with Hoop Brothers and seeing the interest that we’re already getting from college coaches has given myself and my son a lot of confidence.


5’10 Point Guard - NCAA 3 Committ
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

We were pretty hesitant to use a recruiting service but we’re glad that we went forward with Hoop Brothers. The thing that we found the most valuable was that Hoop Brothers team sent out information to college coaches on our behalf. We had been sending emails on our own to coaches and it took us hours to target just a couple schools and we weren’t getting any responses. When Hoop Brothers took over that process for us it took all the stress off our shoulders because we didn’t have to put all the time into it. I liked that they didn’t just mass message every college coach but that they specifically targeted schools for my son. They made the process extremely easy and I’m glad we decided to use this service.


6’1 Point Guard - NCAA 2 Commit & 6’2 Point Guard - NCAA 1 Commit
(Names Removed for NCAA Regulations)

I have worked with Hoop Brothers twice. Both times were great experiences. With my first son we worked with Sam Tarell and his team prior to them launching their recruiting service. At the time I started with them they were only offering recruiting videos for players. I used them to produce 3 videos for my son which eventually led to him getting a full scholarship. When I signed my second son up for Hoop Brothers recruiting service I was already very confident and comfortable with the Hoop Brothers team and they didn’t disappoint. On top of producing a great video they handled the entire process including reaching out to college coaches. The second time around the process was much less stressful and easy on my end knowing that I had a team working hard to get my son college interest. Hoop Brothers is always the first name that comes to mind any time someone asks me what they can do to get their son more exposure!


6’3 Small Forward - NAIA Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

I am a single mom and was completely clueless when it came to how recruiting worked. In the very first conversation I had with Sam Tarell I learned so much about the process that I had no idea about. Before we started with Hoop Brothers the process was very stressful. I didn’t know what to do for his high school, travel ball, training, what events to attend, etc. But working with Hoop Brothers took so much of that stress away. They held my hand and were always available to answer any questions that I had. When we started with Hoop Brothers my son was behind in his recruiting but with Hoop Brothers guidance he worked hard and is now pursuing his dream of playing college basketball with a full scholarship. I couldn’t be more proud of him!


6’6 Small Forward - NCAA 1 Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

Working with Hoop Brothers was great! They have really built a great team and even though my son is now recruited I still have great relationships with Hoop Brothers entire team. I signed up my son when he was a junior. The process took longer than I expected but they really put in the time and energy to get him recruited. I didn't realize how complex the whole recruiting process was. It was great to have the Hoop Brothers team there to hold my hand throughout the process and reassure me that college offers would be coming. Eventually they did and my son got a full ride to a division 1 school. Thank you to the entire Hoop Brothers team!


6’9 Power Forward - NCAA 1 Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

Hoop Brothers team is amazing! My son was an elite player throughout high school and travel ball but never got the recognition from college coaches. I always thought that if he just played hard and did his best that coaches would show up. Once I realized that I had to be proactive Hoop Brothers was a natural choice since I had heard of their work before. After they produced an excellent video for my son and started sending it to coaches he received several division 1 offers within the first couple months of signing up. Thank you!


6’7 - Power Foward - NJCAA Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

We worked with Hoop Brothers from freshman year all the way until my son graduated. Throughout the process we became very close with Sam Tarell and we watched as Hoop Brothers grew over the years. Everything that they do is from the heart and they have their players best interest in mind. We worked with Hoop Brothers to produce recruiting videos before they launched their recruiting service. When they eventually launched the recruiting service in my son’s senior season we signed up right away and got interest from college almost immediately. Hoop Brothers team goes above and beyond and I frequently recommend that parents and players use this service.


6’3 Small Forward - NCAA 2 Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

It was an easy decision to work with Hoop Brothers. I signed up on the first phone call because I understand the investment that needs to be made in order to get exposure. I had seen several other recruiting services but decided to use Hoop Brothers because they seemed the most genuine. Once we started using Hoop Brothers I had great interaction with their team and was able to call or text them any time that I had questions. They did a great job at getting coaches interested in my son. Highly recommend their service.


5’11 Point Guard - NAIA Commit
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

I really liked working with Hoop Brothers! The analysis that they gave me was very detailed. I was expecting a short breakdown but they gave me a very detailed review of every area of my game and they spent about an hour on the phone with me explaining their scouting report and how I can improve. It was very helpful and a lot of coaches started contacting me after they posted my highlight video and their analysis onto my profile. Thank you Hoop Brothers!


6’11 Center - Current User
(Name Removed for NCAA Regulations)

Any time I have a question about recruiting I pick up the phone and call Sam (Hoop Brothers, CEO). He makes himself very accessible and is always insightful about what I need to be doing as a parent. Since we started with Hoop Brothers we have received several Division 1 offers. I am very pleased with the service.