Recruiting isn’t about online databases. It’s about real relationships.

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There are so many services that give players a database of coaches that can see them and online tools to track their recruiting. The problem is that none of these services are built on actual trusted relationships. At Hoop Brothers we handle the recruiting process very differently. This is a relationship business and we have established relationships with over 500 college coaches. You don’t want “do it yourself” tools to reach out to coaches on your own to try to generate a relationship out of thin air. You want someone who will call, email, text and send your information to coaches that already have an open ear.

Hoop Brothers Philosophy


Trusted Relationships

Recruiting simply boils down to who you know. Trust is the core of that. We’ve established hundreds of trusted relationships with coaches because we are selective about the players we work with.


Quality vs Quantity

We’re happy to say that we don’t work with thousands of players. We cap off how many players we work with per class because you are not a number.


Organic Planning

Every athlete is different. Therefore every recruiting plan is different. For every player we work with we are extremely organic to their specific needs and situation.

What Hoop Brothers Users Are Saying

Unbelievable experience! I’m so blessed that Hoop Brothers chose to work with me - 6’5 Forward NCAA 2 Commit

Saying “Hoop Brothers has great customer service” is vastly undervaluing how much this group cares about their clients - 6’2 Guard NCAA 1 Commit

There is no one outside of family that cared more about my son’s future - 5’8 Guard NAIA Commit  

Amazing service! They really went all in from the day we signed up - 6’7 Forward NCAA 1 Commit  


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Why choose Hoop Brothers?

  • Results. We have an 85% success rate compared to a 6% success rate if you go through this process by yourself.
  • You are take a huge risk if you choose to go through this process alone. It could be the difference between a scholarship or decades of college debt.
  • You need leadership and guidance through this process. We define leadership as providing more value than you could possibly get in return.
  • If you don’t have relationships with college coaches then you need to network with someone that does.
  • Even if you are using another service that has you in a database you still need to have someone emailing and calling college coaches on your behalf.

*Results for our service are not guaranteed and may vary for each individual athlete. Signing up for our service does not guarantee any athlete any form of scholarship. Success percentage is based on college coaches expressing any form of interest in an athlete whether it be written or verbal.